That's the Worst 5-Pack

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 This concert is the worst.


Seriously, this DVD is absolute garbage - 90 minutes of fresh awful from Tim. Listen to the Ginger Jackwagon ramble incessantly about everything from Christian cuss words to putting the "fun" in his own funeral. Watch in disbelief as Tim displays true musical mediocrity with "Atheist Kids' Songs", "Jimmy Buffett For President", and "Muffintop". Please just buy one so Tim's mom doesn't own the only copy. 

Bonus Stuff
 - Guest "Comedian" John Crist (1.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp.)
 - Deleted Scenes (Worse than usual. Why are these even here?)
 - Tim's Name in Lights (Oooh, look at you, Mr. Fancypants.)